Core Values

The operating philosophies or principles that guide an organization’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with its customers, partners, and shareholders.

Core Values influence behaviors of all members; they set the culture of the organization.
Core values are guiding principles in decision making situations.
Core values answer many silent questions of employees about what to do and what not to do in testing situations.
Right values contribute in the making of great organizations

Team Work

Knowing and committing to the common goals of the team and organization
Being a self-starter in performing one’s job responsibilities and involving team members
Displaying a co-operative attitude to management and colleagues
Sharing team’s tasks and challenges without being told to do so.
Reflecting a strong sense of belongingness


Believing in morally right means of earning one’s livelihood and practising that belief under any circumstances
Not indulging in any manipulations or malpractices to make ‘extra money’ from business related transactions.
Not being even a silent observer of any malpractices being done by others
Accepting responsibility for one’s decisions and actions, and being answerable to the management; not passing the buck or blaming others when encountered with failures


Following company systems, policies and SOPs totally and habitually.
Being punctual at oath, workplace, meetings, training programs and all kinds of such activities.
Being responsive to others’ mails/communications without undue delay , follow-ups or reminders.
Attending meetings with prior preparation/homework
Presenting reports/slides/MIS and such documents in officially approved formats completely and accurately.
Following self-discipline in all aspects of attire, personal hygiene, conversations, etiquettes and general behavior.

Creativity & Innovation

Generating unique ideas which are valuable to the company and making it work
improvising or making existing things and ways of doing things more efficient and effective.
To present self, products & services creatively and attractively

Continuing Self-development

Developing a learner attitude
Committing to improving competency in one’s functional domain
Taking initiative to apply one’s learning at the workplace
Learning from success and applying the insights in future endeavors
Learning from mistakes and making use of the learning to prevent future failures